Walking the Baby Back Home

Yesterday was the day I fearlessly decided to:

1. Name this blog

2. Walk the uphill, roundabout road with my *newest* family member – baby boy, 8 weeks old.

3. Bring the old bitch (yellow lab, not me) along for the journey.

The old bitch decided to misbehave at several points, pressing her advantage of knowing I was distracted by the baby. That led to a couple of rounds of “eh-eh” on my part. As in, “eh-eh. Don’t do that.”

The baby was adorably sleepy for the walk; the old bitch dooked in the ivy and wee’d on the vinca. We made the walk in under thirty minutes, which was better time than I’d anticipated. Each day that the baby boy is here, time slows to allow the universe to expand in order to accept the gift of that new soul.

Nice, eh?

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Hello world!

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